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Why am I unable to visit my father’s grave?




The second edition of Erell Hemmer’s photobook Why am I unable to visit my father’s grave? is being made! Pre-order your copy now and receive it before summer 2022!

Why am I unable to visit my father’s grave? by Erell Hemmer is a photographic and poetic project that follows the death of François Hemmer, former sailor, captain and maritime expert. In the form of an initiatory journey, Erell Hemmer retraces the process of mourning over five years by interweaving her photographs, and her father texts, photographs and engravings. Born in Le Havre and raised in Brittany near Saint-Malo, Erell Hemmer has always intuitively found her inspiration near the coast. The sea occupies her life and her imagination and is the common thread of her questioning.

Photographs and texts by Erell Hemmer
Diapositives and engraving by François Hemmer
Conception, editing and graphic design by Camille Carbonaro and Erell Hemmer
Cover design by David Loy & Maharani Yasmine Putri
Cover typography by David Loy

20 cm x 28 cm
80 pages (with inserts and cover) + booklet of 28 pages
Second edition of 300 numbered and signed copies
Offet printed by PBtisk, Prague
Four kinds of Fedrigoni paper
Book bound by hand by Christel Casperman, Antwerpen
Booklet singer bound by PBtisk, Prague
French and English translation
Crystal paper envelope

Brussels, 2022
#3 Collection Baleine Blanche
Why am I unable to visit my father’s grave? is the third publication as part of Baleine Blanche Collection published by Macaronibook. Collection Baleine Blanche was born of the desire to gather photography artists who question, research and reconstruct the paternal image. father.

P R E S S :
Erell Hemmer entre père et mer: Le deuil te vient en vagues by Kurt Snoekx from BRUZZ
Erell Hemmer, de la Fashion Week aux natures mortes by Timour Sanli from
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Weight 390 g
Dimensions 35 × 26 × 2 cm