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Le Petit Rempart


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Le Petit Rempart is a poetic and social project by Belgian photographer Vincen Beeckman with the residents of the emergency center Le Petit Rempart (Samu Social) in Brussels between February 2019 and February 2020.

“Every time I come it’s like nothing has moved. As if I had done Pause and then Play. Everything is quiet except for the more boisterous children. The soup is coming. It is the meal. The days are like a permanent restart. A kind of long wait. When there is no movement the light goes out. We are all in the dark. Then one gets up or another. He makes movements with his arms. The motion detector reacts and the light comes back on. ” V. Beeckman

Photographs and texts by Vincen Beeckman
Conception and graphic design by Camille Carbonaro
Bookbinding by Lysiane Ambrosino and Camille Carbonaro
Printed by Camille Carbonaro

11.5 cm x 20 cm
56 pages (with inserts and cover)
First edition of 100 numbered and signed copies
Laser printed at Ateliers du Toner, Brussels
Three types of Fedrigoni paper
Handmade binding
Crystal paper envelope
Text in French

Brussels, 2020
Project supported by Recyclart Art Center, Brussels

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