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La Cambuse




« La Cambuse is the name of the restaurant my father opened in 1980 in the South of France. When people tell me about him, they speak of him as an incredible man, a character, a sun. They say the restaurant was an excuse for the humanist he was to bring everyone together, to celebrate culture together, to party and meet new people. I have known my father only the first two years of my life. Throughout my path I have built a mental and physical picture of him thanks to found photographs and stories from his close family and friends.What are the bonds with a father one has not known ? Am I like him ? What has he passed on to me ? ”

La Cambuse is a poetic archival of images and testimonies that interrogate paternal transmission and inheritance. La Cambuse isn’t a mourning’s story but a cocktail of carefree fun and cooking recipes.

Photographs by Martin Gallone
Gallone Family’s Archives
Interviews by Martin Gallone
Editing, design and layout by Camille Carbonaro and Martin Gallone
Assisted by Leif Houllevigue

200 x 260 mm
52 pages + 20 pages (booklet)
First edition of 300 numbered and signed copies
Offset printed and singer binding by Pbtisk, Prague
Three types of Fedrigoni paper
Text in French
Crystal paper envelope

ISBN – 978-2-9603014-1-0

Bruxelles, 2022
#4 Collection Baleine Blanche
La Cambuse is the fourth publication in Collection Baleine Blanche published by Macaronibook. Collection Baleine Blanche was born of the desire to gather photography artists who question, research and reconstruct the paternal image.

P R E S S :
L’énigme d’un père, par Martin Gallone, photographe by Fabien Ribery journalist from l’Intervalle blog
Un père et passe by Carine Dolek in REPONSES PHOTO
The book’s mockup made by Nisrine Ben

Additional information

Weight 249 g
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 0.5 cm