Macaronibook is an independent publishing house founded by the photographer Camille Carbonaro in 2016. It focuses on photographic and poetic projects that deal about memory, identity, genealogy and exile with a particular attention to the relation between pictures, archives and texts.

It’s driven by a spirit of independence and permanent research of the harmony between paper, printing and images through the publication of hand made book-object and fanzines in a limited number of copies.

We organise masterclasses and workshops on photo book and fanzine in galleries, cultural and art places, libraries and as part of events. Macaronibook also design and produce your photo books. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Informations, press, sales & collaborations: macaronibook@gmail.com

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Our beautiful logo as made by Lysiane Ambrosino and the book’s visuals by Johan Poezevara

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