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Ma mère la source


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‘Ma mère la source’ is a visual archeology that questions matrilineal filiation and the family lexical. Born in Marseille, Camille Carbonaro comes from a family with Italian origins that has invented over the generations its own traditions, expressions and superstitions that blend Provence, Marseille, Italy and the Mediterranean. Attached to the matriarchal status of her family and the important roles played by women in the process of passing on customs, know-how, beliefs, cooking and myths, Camille notes that her gestures, expressions and little rituals are nothing more than mimetisms inherited from her mother, her maternal grandmother and the women in her family. Like an anthropological study, ‘Ma mère la source’ combines archives, letters and personal accounts. More than just one family story among many, Ma mère la source sees the Mediterranean as a multicultural territory, rich in sharing and cultures.

Photographs & interviews • Camille Carbonaro
Family archives from Soldaïni, Vellucci & Carbonaro
Design and cover • Camille Carbonaro
Layout • Camille Carbonaro assisted by Chiron Floris
Cover illustration • Banana Bill
Testimonials • Julie Carbonaro, Chantal Carbonaro,
Lysiane Ambrosino & Clotilde Mazzieri

15cm × 23cm
48 Pages (with inserts and cover)
First edition of 200 numbered and signed copies
Printed digitally by Click Click Graphics, Brussels
Cover screen-printed by Banana Bill
Three papers: Papyrus coloured paper, recycled paper 90gr & biotop 120gr
Handmade binding with grey linen thread
Text in French
Crystal paper envelope

The creation of ‘Ma mère la source’ was supported by the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Asbl s-i-l-e-x and Femmes Solidaires Corses.

P R E S S :
Aux Mesnuls, la photographe Camille Carbonaro interroge les liens familiaux et la transmission • FRANCE CULTURE, dans l’emission “Affaires à suivre” d’Arnaud Laporte
Signature at BAL BOOKS in Paris
Interview Camille Carbonaro as part of the book launch Ma mère la source at Tipibookshop in Brussels , T à Bruxelles ? by Laurence Wurtz on BX1

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