PRESS • Les éditions au féminin : Immigrazione by Camille Carbonaro • 9lives Magazine

I’m delighted to share Frederic Martin’s accurate, sensitive and political words in 9lives Magazine about the book Immigrazione violenza dell’anima by Camille Carbonaro published by Macaronibook.

“And on each page of this book, in the form of interconnected fragments, this question: who am I when I am no longer at home ? And what is home now ? (…) Composed of small leaflets, inserts, it resembles a patient embroidery around the questions of identity, reconstruction, the position of the immigrant. Each page takes us into a fragmented territory, sometimes uncultivated, like so many detours, loops of the soul. Immigrazione violenza dell’anima is a multiple, complex book, as are the stories it evokes.”

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